At Reality Forge, we have curated programs that focus on nurturing versatile professionals with a diverse skill set in 3D production in Unreal Engine, while also fostering expertise in specific disciplines.

Learning Paths
Dive deep into your chosen field with Reality Forge's Unreal Engine Learning Paths - industry-specific training made accessible.

1 Week | 5 Days | 3 Hrs


Unreal Engine for Architecture Visualization: Beginner to Pro
Instructor: Shaun Ansari
Bring your architectural designs to life. Master Unreal Engine and create stunning, photorealistic renders and animations.
  • No prior experience required
  • For beginners and intermediate users
  • Learn to create stunning photorealistic renders
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Short Courses
Dive deep into Unreal Engine topics you need most with our targeted, hands-on short courses.

1 Session | 3 Hrs
Materials in Unreal Engine
Transform Your Virtual Worlds With Realistic, Physically-Based Textures and Shaders
Unreal Engine Level Design & Modeling For Games
Establish A Solid Foundation In Level Design And Modeling To Create Immersive And Optimized Game Worlds
Niagara VFX System Basics
Create Mesmerizing Visual Effects That Bring Your Virtual Worlds To Life
Introduction To Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN)
A Beginner's Guide To Creating Custom Experiences For Fortnite
Introduction To Unreal Engine 5
A Step-By-Step Beginner's Guide On How To Get Started With Unreal Engine 5
Blueprints 101
Create Interactive Gameplay Elements in Unreal Engine Using Blueprints
Unreal Engine: Character Animation For Games
Animate Game Characters in Unreal Engine, Breathing Life Into Your Virtual Creations
Unreal Engine: Animation For Film & TV
Utilize Unreal Engine's Animation Tools To Create Captivating Cinematics
Optimization In Unreal Engine
Achieve Peak Performance and Seamless User Experience Through Optimization in Unreal Engine
Cinematics & World Building In Unreal Engine
Craft Captivating Cinematic Worlds Using Unreal Engine's Tools For Immersive Storytelling
Lighting In Unreal Engine
Illuminate Your Scene By Adding Captivating And Realistic Lighting For Your Virtual Worlds
Pre-Recorded Courses
Get immediate access to foundational courses, and learn at your own pace.
Beginner: Learn Unreal Engine & Make Your First Game
A step-by-step beginner's course on Unreal Engine 5 for non-programmers: Create Your Own Game Without Coding
Beginner: Creating A Cozy Apartment in Unreal Engine 5 | FREE
Designed for beginners, this course will guide you through the steps needed to create a cozy apartment environment starting from an empty level through to rendering out a cinematic, all on Unreal Engine
Create A Quick Canyon Environment In 35 Minutes
This beginner tutorial / basic speed run looks at how to create a very basic simple environment. We learn how to create a landscape and populate it with a few MegaScan's while also looking at basic foliage. Before concluding we also look at some basic modeling in Unreal Engine.
Medieval Alley Environment Creation for Beginners
In this beginner tutorial, we will create a medieval alley/street scene in Unreal Engine 5 using Quixel MegaScans and the modeling tools. No Coding Required!
Program Features
Epic Games Unreal Engine Authorized Training
Certificate Upon Completion
Live Courses
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One-Time Payment
Alumni Success
Hear from our alumni who are highly qualified candidates for Unreal Engine opportunities. Reality Forge takes pride in the accomplishments of its alumni, who are currently employed across various fields.
One of the top 20 selected candidates in Asia Pacific for the Women Creators Program Fellowship from Epic Games and Asifa India
Riza Querishi
Made 3 VR games in Unreal Engine for an exhibition in Riyadh
Mirza Saad Baig
Used Unreal engine training to create environments for short-animated films and a music video for E Sharp
Taha Hussain
Improved my knowledge and learned a lot of tips and tricks from Mr. Shaun. Currently working as an engine artist for a private server MMO Game
Asjad Saqib
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