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At Reality Forge, we have curated programs that focus on nurturing versatile professionals with a diverse skill set in 3D production in Unreal Engine, while also fostering expertise in specific disciplines.


As an Unreal Authorized Training Center for Unreal Engine, we provide students with top-quality training in Unreal Engine, ensuring their preparation for the job market. Supported by Epic Games, we continually enhance our training process. Whether you are a student, graduate, career changer, or seeking skill improvement, our personalized career training, and job-focused curriculum are designed to help you acquire the skills and confidence necessary to pursue a successful career in Unreal Engine Ecosystem. Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, enabling students to develop real-time artwork skills in various disciplines. Through a well-rounded approach that integrates fundamental education and practical software training, our courses empowers students to acquire a comprehensive and specialized skill set that meets the industry's requirements.

Upcoming Courses

Reality Forge offers professional certified training services for beginner and
advanced learners who want to take the next step in their Unreal Engine journey.

Learn the basics of Unreal Engine 5 over
few weeks, starting from downloading

Basics| LIVE | July Batch

Beginner: Introduction
To Unreal Engine

For new and experienced artists want-
ing to learn how to build an environm...

Basics| LIVE | October Batch

Pre-Recorded Courses

Get immediate access to foundational courses, at your own pace.

Designed for beginners, this course will guide
you through the steps needed to...

Environments | 18 Lessons

Why Choose Us

Our objective is to support students in acquiring comprehensive training, and attaining the necessary preparation for their professional endeavors beyond their academic journey.

Alumni Success

Hear from our alumni who are highly qualified candidates for Unreal Engine opportunities. Reality Forge takes pride
in the accomplishments of its alumni,
who are currently employed across
various fields.

Taha Husain Khan

Used Unreal Engine training to create
environments for short animated films
and a music video for E Sharp.

Riza Qureshi

One of the Top 20 selected
candidates in Asia Pacific for the
Women Creators Program Fellowship
from Epic Games and Asifa India

Mirza Saad Baig

Made 3 VR games in Unreal Engine
for an Exhibition in Riyadh.

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Looking to bring Unreal Engine training to your school, studio or project? We offer in studio training and remote consulting for teams looking to adopt Unreal Engine